Boarding Up

Boarding up windows is a common requirement for properties that have suffered a burglary, are unoccupied or that are awaiting window replacement after breakage.

We efficiently board the windows with the aim to make the property secure and safe from the elements.

Boarding up is a good interim solution to provide protection from rain and other weather conditions that can quickly cause damp problems in properties.


We can use ply wood, cut to perfectly fit the frame or window shape or alternatively we can use PVC board. This material is commonly seen on low door panels to fill a space instead of glass.

Boarding Up – Care

When boarding up we strive to attach the boarding in a variety of ways to protect any existing frame or adjacent brickwork, cladding or other materials from damage.

We may recommend to install sash jammers and other visible deterrents to ensure the property is safe and secure.

If you require boarding up, please contact us today on 01582 602529 or 07956 325797