Misted Windows

Misted windows are a very common defect found in older double and triple glazed windows.

Misted windows typically occur in locations where cold air meets hot air, this is usually on the sunny side of a property.

The defect is undesirable from a functional sense and an aesthetic sense; obscuring viewing through the window, and negatively impacting the look of the property.

Why Does It Happen?

The fault occurs when hot air from one side meets cold air from another and condensation forms in the gap in between the glass layers.

Over time this is unavoidable however, most modern windows are manufactured with silicone crystals inside the frame to eliminate interior condensation build up, but the ability of the crystals to absorb moisture will eventually be exhausted and this avoidance mechanism will begin to diminish, eventually resulting in misted windows.

Fixing Misted Windows

The most cost effective method of fixing the issue is usually for a direct window replacement – fitting a new sealed unit.

This new unit should then serve you well, mist free for many years to come.

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Misted Windows

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